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Wilsons Promontory National Park, Australia


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For any travellers looking for a great hike in Australia, without the dangers of entering the brush, Wilsons Promontory is my go-to suggestion. It is not that largest national park in Australia, however it does offer a great variety of experiences. The main campground is rather crowded, but there are plenty of campgrounds that are foot access only, yet still equipped with running water and designated camping plots. The best part however, is the extensive trail system that you can explore. We took a trail that followed the coast of the park, and lead us from beach to beach. We encountered plenty of wilderness and critters along the way, but barely any people at all, and it was the height of the summer season. This snap from my smartphone does not nearly do this hike justice:


However, my hiking buddy and I were the only ones on this beach at the time and we enjoyed a serenely peaceful lunch. I would definitely recommend adding this to your list of must-see places in the land of Oz!

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