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Willamette Valley Based Backpacking


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I'm the first post in the Pacific region of the forum! lol

I live in Eugene and have been backpacking the Pacific Northwest for 3 years. I started lightweight style, courtesy of backpackinglight.com and a friend that handed me a copy of Jardine's Trail Life.

My destinations so far have included:

Middle Santiam Wilderness (Donaca Lake is my current favorite overnight retreat)


Trinity Alps

Mt Jefferson Wilderness (Carl Lake)

Boulder Creek Wilderness

Diamond Peak Wilderness (by way of Mt Yoran from the North)

Cape Perpetua Trail System

I hope to visit the Eagle Cap Wilderness, Three Sisters Wilderness, and Steen's Mountain in the near future!

I'm pretty excited about this new magazine and the community it might create! Backpackinglight.com has been my go-to destination for all things backpacking so far.

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Hi, OregonKen!

Glad to see you representing the Pacific Northwest! I hope to hear more about your trips and your style of backpacking here on the forum... so welcome to TrailGroove!


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I'm from Reedsport (Oregon Dunes). Hiking Oregon is great. So little time so much to see. Planning to hike from the 3 Capes to Pacific City this year.

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Once in the glorious past, I lived in Oregon: Corvallis and Sweet Home. The South Santiam area, Jefferson, Three Sister! Sigh!

Now I live in the Los Angeles area, and hike in the very dry local mountains and the (southern) Sierra. Sigh!

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