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Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

Traditional hiking boots, with high ankles, stiff soles, and heavy-duty materials, are a significant burden to the fast-and-light hiker. Their clunky construction makes jogging awkward, and their extra weight wastes energy – an extra percent for each 100 grams. Boots are also expensive, usually costing about twice as much as a pair of trail runners. A good pair of synthetic hiking boots will retail for around $200, with leather boot prices approaching $300. While high-end running shoe prices are currently approaching $150, several good options are available for around $100, and those of us who are price-conscious can usually find shoes for $70 or less…

Sean O’Rourke with insight on lightweight footwear choices in the backcountry, along with some great examples - Read the full article below in Issue 20:

Trail Runners in the Backcountry: Beyond the Run

Hiking and Backpacking in Trail Running Shoes

Issue 20 Page 1

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