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Thoughts and comments please. I like to travel light and sleep in a proper bed due to my back.

Walking trousers: i generally wear either craighopper zip off trousers or british army surplus trousers. I do have two pairs of mountain warehouse walking trousers that i got when i started but find they are too light in colour and stain easily

Base layers: i generally wear british army surplus brown base layers but i also have a couple of long sleeved base layer shirts that i wear if in winter

Jacket: i dont have any fancy walking jacket but if im walking in the winter i generally wear a black mt 65 jacket, its heavy but its lined and its warm. I mainly wear a hoody and i also have a small packaway wateproof jacket & a green poncho i can take it if needbe

Boots: i wear karrimors, generally mid ankle boots, they are new and just breaking in but no blisters as of yet so they are ok.

The backpack its self i use is the regatta survivor 35 litre rucksack. Its a reasonable rucksack with decent size main pocket plus two side pockets, a top pocket & two small mesh side pockets, it also comes with a detachable rain cover.

First aid: i have a small first aid pouch ive made up myself, mainly consists of two triangle bandages & a crepe bandage, safety pins, sizzors, various compeeds & plasters. I also have hand sanitzer in a small bottle in the side mesh pouch. Im in the process of making a small drugs tin as well.

Washkit, mainly consists of the milweb washkit that zips up, alot of the preppers slate it but i find it does the trick, i changed some of the things such as the razor blade and shower gel and find it works really well. I also have the largest microfibre towel i could find.


black pencil magnalite, bit heavy but find it takes the abuse well. Hopefully slightly modify it this year

Original kindle, i have one of the original kindles & Find that the battery lasts ages & i also carry one charging cable that fits it and my phone

i also carry a compact survival keyring which is basically a condenced down survival tin in a shotgun cartridge

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Hey Hutchie. What kind of sleep system do you use?

Just looking at this list, you might try a different backpack. There are a ton of awesome new packs that weigh hardly anything and are certainly going to be more comfortable than a ruck sack, especially in the 35 liter range. This should help your back a lot too since it will shift weight from your shoulders to your hips.

Also, you may consider sizing down on the pack towel. I have a 36"x 20" and I am able to dry myself off completely and any condensation on my tent, granted I have to wring it out once or twice. You may want to consider a different light to. If this is the pencil mag light I have (runs off of one AAA), it doesn't put out hardly any light and a $2 LED is much lighter with more light output.

Hope this is helpful!

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He kwhowell, i try to stay mainly in hostels when i travel or cheap hotels, although when i do my livinf history events my sleeping system is a regatta camp bed with a three seasons snugpak sleeping bag from my army days

The towel will probably get swapped but its what i have at the minute so will make do just now

I agree the magnalite isnt great but im looking at the modifications that are out there and see how they are

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