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Backcountry Cuisine: Curried Chicken Noodles

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For cold weather backpacking, nothing hits the spot quite like a soup. The broth heats up a person from the inside and is welcoming. And if the dish is on the spicy side? Even a little more heat to warm those winter or even early spring nights.Here is a meal that is quick to make, fills the belly and has a bit of heat to keep a person warm during cool weather backpacking trips…

Paul Magnanti shares his latest backpacking recipe, take a look in Issue 21:

Curried Chicken Noodles

Curried Chicken Noodles Backpacking Dinner Recipe

Issue 21 Page 1

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Bam! As Mags demonstrates, with a modicum of creativity and a quick glance on grocery store shelves inexpensive pack staples like Ramen, oatmeal, mashed potatoes, etc. can be doctored up and tweaked into tasty nutritious belly filling trail foods with little fuss. Could add some peanuts, cashews, and/or a nut butter(almond, peanut, etc) though.

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