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A 3 Day Food Strategy

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

It’s Wednesday, the weekend weather forecast looks good, and the boss just said you can have Friday off. Now all you need to do is pick your trail, grab your gear, and you’re in for the perfect long backcountry weekend. The only thing that’s standing between you and the trail is food. You know that good food can make or break a trip, and you’re determined to make this a good one. Ah, the food dilemma. You could drive to the nearest outfitter and stock up on three days of freeze-dried meals, but perhaps you did that for the last trip and you’re ready for a change; plus you weren’t planning to spend upwards of $100 on just food. You could dash over to the nearest supermarket and get a variety of pasta and rice meals in a box, but they take a long time to cook and are so salty you’d need to pack in an extra fuel bottle and an extra water bottle. Fresh food in the backcountry is awesome, but it weighs a ton and you’d have to worry about spoilage. You could break out the dehydrator and your backcountry cookbook to make some awesome meals, but it’s the last minute and you want to get out of town on Friday without a hassle, so that idea might have to wait until next time...

Karen Garmire breaks down a 3 day meal plan, take a look below in Issue 35:

Quick and Easy Three Day Meal Plan

3 Day - Long Weekend Backpacking Recipe and Meal Plan

Issue 35 Page 1

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