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GPS devices (for human and dog)


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Hey all:

Been hiking with my dog throughout Florida (and yes, we're careful avoiding alligators). Looking for advice on two things:

1)Looking for a good GPS tracker (I have a habit of getting lost). It could be a I-phone App or another hand held device. 

2)Looking for a good GPS tracker for my dog. He's well trained and comes back on voice commands when off leash but I just want assurance I can track him if he ever gets away. 

Many thanks,


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Aaron Zagrodnick

Hey John,

Just saw this post sorry for delayed response, but in regards to the first question I use and can suggest Gaia GPS. On the second and while I do take a dog along on many hikes, I don't have any personal experience and I always keep them heeling on a leash or off either way when on the trail. However, looks like there are more than a few options available here at Amazon...Good luck!

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