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Alternative to freezer bag cooking?

Charlie Vee 1961

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Charlie Vee 1961

Hey fellow travelers! I watched an interesting YouTube where a hiker was extolling the virtues of his travel mug for rehydrating his dehydrated food. He remarked that a travel mug was kind of narrow and required a long handled spoon. I did a bit of research and found a Thermos brand stainless steel food storage container (20 oz.) that I later purchased at  Target store for just under$20. The idea is that certain elements of the plastic can leach out when boiling water is poured into the plastic freezer bag. I know it's another piece of gear to carry but the idea certainly got my attention.  Any opinions on this? BTW - the YouTube in question was titled "freezer bag cooking sucks" or something similar.  I hope this is of some use to someone.  Regards,  Charlie. 

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Hey Charlie, I do use freezer bags for some rehydration (often cold) and on occasion for some hot, but not quite boiling rehydration. However, my primary rehydration / cooking method (unless it’s a freeze dried meal in the package, which is fairly often), would be in the cookpot that I’m already carrying.

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