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Coffee of the trail? What do you use?

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Kayla Andreano

We have been using finum brewing baskets. They are light, you can store it inside the cup, and it makes coffee sort of like a French press does. It's a little bit of a hassle for cleaning. My boyfriend's been on an organic tea kick now with loose leaf tea in a tea ball. I do like the easy clean up, and am wanting something just easy for coffee. I'm looking into disposible options for coffee and tea. Any suggestions?

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Geezer Tom


I never thought I would find an instant that tasted like brewed coffee. Everyone has different taste, but this is worth trying. I tried the Starbucks packets and thought they were the closest I would have. But Mount Hagen, after 50 years on the trail, is now my coffee. I get zero kick backs from this company. It's just the right product for me.

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John B

I would echo Tom--have been using mount hagen coffee singles (get them at Natural Grocers) for several years now, and love them.

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Michael aka Mac

Hi Kayla ,

 Actually I think you already have a great way to make coffee and tea.  I think that you would be better off getting one of those 360 ° toothbrushes w/soft bristles and use that to clean your coffee filter

After you make your coffee ,  flip that coffee filter upside down and tap it to get the bulk of the coffee grinds out, then dip it in water and shake real fast for 3 seconds then flip over again and tap then once more. Now place filter in water on its' side and use the toothbrush while filter is on its side and move the brush all around the filter... It is much easier and faster then any other way I have seen to clean those types of filters, and by the time you do step 3 your done.

If you had any other type of coffee filtration device i may have suggested one to buy  but honestly  i love the one you got it just needs an imaginative way to clean it is all.

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