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Tea, backcountry style


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I have recently began making wood sorrel tea as my beverage of choice when camping/ hiking.

It is easy, and wood sorrel is easily found in my area.


I heat the water to boiling, then remove from the heat, and add a handful of leaves. After it steeps for a bit, you have a lovely "green" tea.

*I also love a nibble of these as a palate cleanser, or a mouth freshener while hiking. There are warnings about over consumption due to oxalic acid, but I use them sparingly. (and I believe that cooking destroys the acid, but not sure, so still use in moderation.)

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Aaron Zagrodnick

I used to snack on wood sorrel while on hikes in Texas, but never thought of tea. Next time I run across some I'll have to give this a shot!

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