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Tips for dehydrating your soups and sauces, etc.

Michael aka Mac

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Michael aka Mac

In this day and age, freeze dried and dehydrated foods are the go to choice amongst hikers and many have shied away from buying them premade from retailers like Mountain House and have begun to make their own dehydrated meals for their camping endeavors. One reason for this change from buying to making their dehydrated foods  is price, while others include sodium content and dietary restrictions.

Dehydrating soups and sauces can be a bit tricky and so here are a few tricks.

Try simmering the sauce or soup for a longer time to reduce and intensify the flavor, giving your creation new life when rehydrating.

Try using Bone Broth and when cooking your dishes, add the bones to the dish as well.  This combination of bones and bone broth will make the liquid congeal in a gelatin like manner making it easier to dehydrate and you will have more of that rich stock or sauce flavor when you rehydrate.

For Fish soups/stews you can use the fish head,  place the bones in a cheese cloth or put in a paper coffee filter and tie closed, this will  prevent tiny bone fragments from seeping into your dish..

For beef jerky try marinating the beef  for 4 hours prior to grinding and putting into a Jerky maker tube. ( use a paper towel to remove excess     marinade prior to grinding)

For fruits try squeezing some lemon juice on them to prevent discoloring.

Always remove unused trays from your dehydrator before dehydrating.

Don't wait to the last minute to dehydrate fruits and veggies (to prevent them from going bad )to insure optimum flavor and texture.

Many fruits taste sweeter when one adds salt so next time use a little less sugar and a tad of salt to make up the difference.

The best dehydrated foods are the ones yet to be made so dive into it and try some of your favorite recipes  next time you dehydrate your meals for your outdoor adventures

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