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Veggetti Vegetable Spiralizer for making veggie pasta.

Michael aka Mac

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Michael aka Mac

I am a lover of both food & cooking, and my Condo is filled to the brim with cooking gadgets & appliances.  I finally took the plunge 14 months ago and decided to eat healthy and lose weight. When people talk about diets, and how they didn't work for them, trust me when I say I understand.  I realized just dieting was not going to work, least not at the pace that I was looking for, if it meant I was still eating high caloric items as part of that diet.

This is where I came up with substitutions. Loving Italian food, eliminating pasta and bread was not an acceptable solution. Substituting veggie noodles for flour based noodles shaved 200 calories off my dinner. Light bread (low 40 calories per slice) vs. dinner rolls saved another 200 calories.

Sadly though there was the price difference. I could buy a box of pasta that had 8 servings for $1 where as a dinner serving of store bought Zucchini pasta was as high as $4-$6. 

I spent months looking online for an inexpensive spiralizer, and most were actually very expensive imo.  What's worse, is they all seem to break down quickly.

It wasn't until this past month where I just happened upon the Veggetti Vegetable spiralizer at my local Bed Bath & Beyond. With a 20% off coupon in hand $9.99 became ~$7.99 for this very compact, backpack storage capable device. 

I have been using this device every night to make veggie pasta, for stir fry, and even add some to my sandwiches. The Veggetti comes with 2 different thickness spiralizers depending on which side you insert the veggie.  It is easy to use, and does the job effortlessly due to the extremely sharp cutting blades.

I give this little guy 2 thumbs up,  great price, compact, durable, sharp, and allows for 2 different thickness pasta styles. Only suggestion is to buy a dollar store toothbrush to clean the blades.

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