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One Egg Wonder Adventures!!


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OMG, if you don't have a One Egg Wonder, you should get one. I have been using mine for a few years now... and would take it on the applachian trail if I went again. It is that critical of a cooking device. If you get the heat right, it will make anything, and bake things more or less, with no stick surface. It is open to many things you would like to cook.

So here are a few pictures of the meals we made on the trip to the Big Sur, CA. REDWOODS baby! So we car camped, because this is pretty much all you can legitimately do in this area. But I would TOTALLY be the one to make this type of breakfast in the backcountry. Since I have become pretty good with my camp kitchen set, I really enjoy that perk in the morning.

Here we go, Meal #1 was on the beach, with my tent, sleeping under HWY 1. This is pretty much the best spot in this camp, and of the whole trip. We stayed here 1 night. Then we left. I will continue the next meals in a few posts as I go.

Meal #1

We had a 6 pack of eggs, cherry tomatos, a pack of olives or "OLOVES" and precooked bacon strips broken into pieces. Then I cracked the eggs and scrambled them inside the OLOVES packet itself 1 egg at at time, with the help of Annette, my wife. We tried to mimic what we would do in the backcountry, so that was how we mixed it up.






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The next day we got up and drove to a new camp. It was called Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. This time instead of just jumbling everything in we decided to use the scissors on the wifes multitool to cut up the bacon, strip by strip... we had a box of onions "prechopped" from a grocery store, cherry tomatoes, and another pack of olives. Here are the shots starting with Annette pushing down on the lid to the Snow Peak 700 to get the ingredients hot and cooking on the One Egg Wonder.












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I wished now that I would have brought my lid that I have JUST for this pot. It cost more than the pot itself. Lid was $12, and One Egg Wonder is $5.

When you apply a tested uniform amount of slow burning alcohol to this cookpot, it will spread heat so evening that if done right, you would make brownies, or a piece of bread, flat bread, biscuits, pancakes, I have done many things.

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I just weighed the One Egg Wonder on a jewelry scale. Here are the results:

One Egg Wonder itself: 5.06 oz / 143.4 grams

Lid: 0.91 oz / 25.8 grams





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