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Camping recipes for Hobo Stew


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Calling in all Hobo Stew recipes, if you have one and would like to share with the world your awesomely delicious recipes, then feel free to add a comment. For those who are unfamiliar with Hobo Stew, basically you had a thin layer of vegetable oil and then place whatever meat, vegetables, and seasoning, then wrap it in a ball and place it by your campfire, 15 minutes late you have a yummy dinner! My recipe is placed below:

- Hashbrowns

- Ground Beef

- Vegetable melody

- Garlic and Onion seasoning

Bon Appetit!

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Try different spices - Herbes de Provence or BBQ dry spice mixture or soy sauce, ginger & garlic. Just to change it up a bit.

Thank you, thinking smart, I will definitely try the different seasonings!

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