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Trail Pancakes... Nom Nom


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Just tried this recipe on my last hike of the season while island hopping the San Juan Islands.

Serves: 6


- 1 cup Biscuit Mix

- 1 Tbsp Dry Milk

- 1 Tbsp Sugar

- 2/3 cup water

- 1 Tbsp Squeeze

At home:

Add mix, milk, sugar into a quart size zip lock bag. Seal and shake well.

On the trail:

add water and margerine to the back, seal and squish bag with hands to mix to remove lumps and exess air. Cut a hole in the corner of the bag and squeez into a hot pan. Cook until bubbles form, flip and cook till they are golden brown.

Enjoy! :)

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Thanks for the share. I have been looking for some where long lasting breakfast recipes and this one looks great. I will have to scale it down a bit because I never hike with a group that big.

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My wife found these for the kiddies- turns out they are real damn good. Just add water mix (plus whatever oil/fat in your pan).

The "power cakes" are about 110cal/oz and have a good protein serving in them.

The whole wheat, oat, honey ones are a little sweeter and closer to 100 cal/oz.

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