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Exped Schnozzel Review: Funny Name, Serious Performance

Aaron Zagrodnick



One thing is for certain: we all need to keep our sleeping gear dry and we all need to be able to fit it all in our pack. Like many of us, in the past I’ve used everything from a set of individual dry bags to accomplish these goals to budget friendly trash compactor bags. All worked well and served the purpose of keeping my sleeping bag and clothing dry during rainy days on the trail while also offering some benefit in the way of compression. As a user of an inflatable Exped sleeping pad however, one choice – the Exped Schnozzel pump bag – offers both the benefits of waterproofing and compression while also working for an additional use: inflating my sleeping pad at the end of the day while adding just 2.1 ounces to my pack and gear ensemble.

Exped Schnozzel Pump Bag Review

The Exped Schnozzel UL provides an easy way to quickly inflate compatible sleeping pads.

The Exped Schnozzel

Exped has offered several versions of the product in the past, the standard, heavy duty Schnozzel in both a medium (up to 42 liters) and large (up to 85 liters), as well as the lighter UL version in the same sizes. For my use, the UL, medium version is a great fit and is the topic of discussion here. Currently, it appears Exped may be phasing out the larger and heavier duty versions of the Schnozzel, which makes sense as the medium UL has always been just about right. At first resembling a larger roll-top dry bag or pack liner, the Exped Schnozzel pump bag is made from waterproof nylon construction with taped seams.

Exped Schnozzel and Apater that Attaches to Exped Pads

The top of the bag is secured with a roll-top and buckles to hold everything in place, and setting it apart from a normal dry bag the bottom features an adapter that fits the inflation valve on Exped sleeping pads that don’t feature an integrated pump; when inside your pack this adapter fits securely in a holder and in a stowed sealed position. If you have an Exped pad made after 2010 you’re all set, but for older pads, or those with an integrated pump, Exped also offers a flat valve adapter as well as a universal adapter to make the Schnozzel compatible. Exped even made a shower attachment for the pump bag in the past to expand its capability into the hygiene department, however currently the shower attachment looks to have been discontinued.

Exped Schnozzel

I utilize the pump bag with the Exped Synmat UL 7 sleeping pad, and it works perfectly for inflation once you get to camp. Once the bag is emptied of whatever you’re storing inside of it during the day on the trail and by snapping the valve to the sleeping pad, you’re able to easily inflate a pad by opening the bag up and allowing it to fill with air (a quick breath from a couple feet away can assist with inflation), then rolling the opening of the bag closed, gradually forcing air from the inflated bag and into the sleeping pad. Repeating the process a few times does the job to fully inflate even a long and wide sleeping pad, and not only does it alleviate any huffing and puffing to get your pad inflated, it also inflates it with ambient air, and not moisture-laden air from your own breath that’s getting into your pad's insulation and staying there – not a great mix day after day.

Sealed Up in Dry Bag Mode

On the trail, I use the Schnozzel to both store and compress my sleeping gear and clothing. Normally I stow both my ZPacks 20 Degree sleeping bag and the aforementioned Synmat UL 7 sleeping pad, a pillow, and a down jacket plus any extra clothing I’m taking along on the trip inside. The bag is then packed first at the bottom of my pack – by inserting the bag and compressing the air out, then rolling the bag closed and securing / sealing via the buckles on each side, you’re able to compress all this gear, while sheltering it from the elements and it all ends up perfectly conforming and fitting the available space in your pack.

Schnozzel Compressed and Used as a Dry Bag

On the trail, the Exped Schnozzel UL serves as a highly-water resistant way to store sleeping gear and clothing.

Final Thoughts

Where the Schnozzel really hits the mark is in its usefulness for a variety of purposes on the trail and it’s equally useful for each one. If you’re already an Exped sleeping pad user it’s an excellent accessory to pick up that will make life on the trail easier by of course inflating your sleeping pad without introducing excessive moisture from your breath into your pad and insulation, while also compressing your gear during the day and keeping it all dry on rainy trail days – and all at an ultralight weight.

The Exped Schnozzel UL retails for about $45 – find it here at REI, at CampSaver, or on Amazon.com.



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