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Premium Membership and New Ways to Read

Aaron Zagrodnick



We're excited to announce the availability of our new premium membership option at TrailGroove as well as new ways to read the magazine. Moving forward, we'll be publishing the PDF version for every new issue at the same time the online version is released. You can download the PDF for $3.50 - Or save by signing up for our new premium membership for $20 / year which includes all PDF issues and all back issues - Plus much more. All the details can be found below, or jump right in and check out the membership in in the TrailGroove Store and all the PDF issues Here. Thank you for your support and for reading!
TrailGroove Backpacking and Hiking Magazine Subscription
Premium Member Benefits:
PDF Issues and More
If you're a current premium member, you'll get real-time access to the PDF version of TrailGroove, the same day the online version is released, as well as access to the PDF of all back issues for free. (Normally $3.50 an issue) The PDF is great for saving and viewing offline anywhere - whether you're in a tent or on an airplane. It's also very mobile friendly and great for tablets and phones, I save each issue directly to my iPhone and can catch up on reading anywhere. The PDF also features crisp vector text and higher quality images. You can even print it! As a premium member you'll also receive a priority notification/preview when new issues are released. A premium membership is good for a year, and we release new issues about every 6 weeks. On a case by case basis we might release some PDF issues free after they're over a year old. We'll also be releasing a full HD, themed desktop wallpaper for every issue - you get those free, too. (Normally $1.50 each)
Gear Deals and Search
Access our gear deals and search page, a collection of our favorite and current online gear deals, and search for a specific item you're interested in across major online retailers to compare and save. And possibly from time to time, we'll feature exclusive deals you won't find anywhere else like our current code for $20 off orders of $100 or more at CampSaver.com. (Certain exclusions apply)
As a premium member, you'll receive an automatic entry into all TrailGroove giveaways, and if you jump in and enter manually as well, we'll even throw in some bonus entries. We usually giveaway prizes from $50+.  
Tons of perks for premium members over on the forum. Double the attachment storage, message storage, etc., etc.
As a premium member, everything in the TrailGroove Store is 20% off, all the time.
We're always on the lookout for additional ideas - keep an eye out for possible future benefits!
You'll receive a heads-up when you're membership is up for renewal - you may cancel at any time.
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I love this magazine and I am happy to support it.  I have been a lucky recipient of a few drawings and have also been the recipient of the fantastic eye-candy in each issue.  Now I must get busy and start catching up on posting some recent trip reports...trips I have been inspired to hike from being a part of this really nice hiking community. :)

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Count me in, I just signed up for the TrailGroove Premium Member subscription.  I really like the ability of being able to quickly  download the newest TrailGroove issue.  One of the best features of TrailGroove is the fantastic photography, and having a PDF file that I can read at my leisure at home, in my office, or even on the road is well worth the minimal charge.  

I was lucky enough to discover and sign up for TrailGroove back in early 2012.  As I happen to remember, TollerMom was nice enough to welcome me, and make me feel part of the whole TrailGroove experience.  The last 3 1/2 years have been great, and I am looking forward to many more with TrailGroove.  

Where else can you get this kind of top quality trail information, top class photography, fine outdoors entertainment, and also have the opportunity to contribute?  

Only at TrailGroove my friends!   

Gary M

Max Kill Creek Trail 004.JPG

Maximus on the trail at Kill Creek back in 2011

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  • Premium Member
Aaron Zagrodnick


Thanks TollerMom and Gary, we really appreciate your continued support and thank you for reading! :)

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