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Tax Day Giveaway Winner!

Aaron Zagrodnick



Congratulations to Stick, winner of a brand new Trail Designs Ti-Tri Sidewinder Stove System and an Evernew 1.3L titanium ultralight pot!

Ti-Tri Sidewinder and Evernew

Check out our original Sidewinder Ti-Tri Giveaway Blog Entry for the full details of the contest. Using a random number generator, a post from the Forum was chosen at 8 P.M. Mountain Time and the 8th post in our PowerPot Thread was the winner. Thanks to all who have contributed to the Forum and keep your eye on the site for additional contests that we'll be offering soon...



Enjoy and let us know how you like the system!



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Sweet! Thanks for providing the contest! Great site and great give-aways! :) I will definitely look forward to getting this and using it! And it is funny that in the random post that was picked I was talking about cook pots... :)

Thanks again!

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Aaron Zagrodnick


Stick - No problem! Hopefully the system works out as well for you as it's been working for us!

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congrats. that's awesome that they sent you the inferno setup too. very jealous!

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