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Harmony House Backpacking Kit, I Hike, & Trail Tested Giveaway

Aaron Zagrodnick



Note: Contest ended 6/13/12. Results can be found Here.

Harmony House Backpacking Kit

Missed out? You can Pick up the Harmony House Kit from REI. The books can be found over at Amazon:

Buy I Hike at Amazon

Buy Trail Tested at Amazon

New TrailGroove contest! Please read below for all the details on how to enter.

Grand Prize Winner:

1 Harmony House Backpacking Kit
1 Signed Copy of I Hike by Lawton Grinter
1 Signed Copy of Trail Tested by Justin Lichter

Second Place Winner:

1 Signed Copy of I Hike by Lawton Grinter
1 Signed Copy of Trail Tested by Justin Lichter

If you're not familiar with the backpacking kit from Harmony House, it contains 18 pouches offering a variety of dehydrated vegetables that work great for making trails meals a lot more interesting! More information can be found Here. Kit contents:

(2) Carrots
(2) Diced Potatoes
(2) Green Peas
(1) Tomato Dices
(1) Sweet Celery
(1) Cut Green Beans
(1) Sweet Corn
(1) Green Cabbage
(1) Mixed Red & Green Peppers
(1) Chopped Onions
(1) Black Beans
(1) Northern Beans
(1) Lentils
(1) Red Beans
(1) Pinto Beans

Regarding the reading material, check out our recent Blog Review of I Hike by Lawton Grinter, as well as Our Look at Trail Tested by Justin Lichter. Not only are both books signed by each of these hall of fame hikers, Trail Tested will even include a signature from Yoni, Justin's dog and hiking companion as well!

I Hike Book

Trail Test Justin Lichter

Enter by posting on the TrailGroove Forum - All posts from 5/13 to 6/13 at 8 P.M. Mountain Time count as one entry! We'll randomly select a post first for the grand prize, then the second place winner on 6/13 at 8 P.M. Mountain Time. The authors of the winning posts will then be contacted via email who will have 72 hours to claim their prize. Otherwise, we'll draw again.

Contest Details:

1) Post on the Forum to enter.
2) All posts from 5/13 - 6/13 @ 8 P.M. Mountain Time count as one entry.
3) Random posts selected on 6/13 @ 8 P.M. Mountain Time.
4) We'll contact the winners who will have 72 hours to respond.

The Fine Print:

For the entry to count, the post should be applicable to backpacking, hiking, the outdoors, etc., and at least somewhat constructive. For instance, we won't be able to count intentionally repeated posts, spam, one word posts (Unless it's a really good one word post), or posts that don't meet our basic forum guidelines agreed to when you Register. Essentially, use basic judgment and all of your posts will count. :D

Thanks for visiting, and good luck!




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