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Ramen Chicken Curry Backpacking Stew

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Ramen noodles are cheap, filling, and quick to cook. And ramen noodles are many backpackers’ “got to” meal for something that fills the stomach, if not overly tasty, when out far into the backcountry. But here’s the thing: Throw out the MSG Supreme flavor pack found with the typical grocery store packet of ramen, and you have a base for some tasty backcountry cuisine. With a little curry powder, some salt...

In our Issue 33 recipe, @PaulMags shows us this take on ramen noodles that might hit the spot on your next backpacking trip. Find the recipe in Issue 33:

Ramen Chicken Curry Stew

Ramen Chicken Curry Backpacking  Meal.JPG

Issue 33 Page 1

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