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ULA Packs made in Utah


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anyone ever try one of these?  I have spent most of my 58 years of backpacking with external frames.  I have had some intermal frames over the years.  I have used various packs to carry equipment for field work and hunting trips. 

Recently I a traded my Kelty Tioga for a ULA Circuit.  It is now the only pack I use except for long trips.  It is the perfect pack for 3-4 days, short overnights or day trips.  It weighs about 2.5 pounds or less. 

Very comfortable up to 30-35 pounds.  check it out. 

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Aaron Zagrodnick

Definitely, I take a Circuit as well on all my backpacking trips (my review). I've also used a Catalyst in the past, and I've been using the Photon on day hikes. I can stretch the Circuit to trips up to 10 days, although it does indeed carry a bit heavy the first couple days and I'll be eating those heavier meals first!

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I have the Circuit and the Ohm 2.0. I’ve used Gregory packs as well and Eberlystock. 

ULA packs are my go to packs. I’m out often. The Circuit is a great multi day pack or winter weekend pack. The Ohm is perfect for summer weekend trips. 

The suspension and its ability for adjustment handles loads comfortably, the pack storage  layout is exactly how I like big inside and outside, not a lot of zippers and stuff. 


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